ITGlovebox is a scalable mobile solution that enables organizations to manage their fleet and equipment with end-to-end visibility extended electronically to the customer. This includes tracking of assets such as inventory and freight, and dispatch through to on- road action, including pickup and delivery. Completely paperless, this system manages resources, services and inventory with in-built auditing and compliance.

Product functionality includes operational Dispatch, Mobile application, Voice/data communication, GPS & geo-spatial Mapping, Resource Management, Track & Trace, Customer browser access and Reporting.

ITGlovebox maximizes mobile, voice and data communications. Of benefit to the customer, the transport operator, the vehicle driver, field personnel, and senders and receivers of services or products, the solution delivers greater efficiency, reduces running cost, and ensures regulatory compliance. Utilising real-time mapping technology to provide tracking capabilities, the shared visibility of the data shortens the billing cycle, and reduces risk of non-payment with proof of service delivery.

The solution has been developed to suit a range of sectors:

  Transport contract cartage (supply chain)
    courier/taxi truck fleet
    parcel delivery (include pre-paid)
    express or sensitive freight (track & trace)
    dangerous goods
  Construction fleet management (including tip & agitator fleet)
    equipment hire
  Waste Management  
  Local government (service/works)  


The process starts with online customer job booking and printing of barcode tracking labels. Data entered from the job-booking screen automatically populates dispatch where jobs can be managed and allocated to vehicles - based firstly on nearest location and then according to date/time, job type, service type, vehicle type and priority. Vehicles and pickups are represented visually on a map for the Dispatcher. Geo-fence restrictions and alerts may be applied at this stage to ensure load and safety compliance.

Once dispatched, the job details (including address & contact details, special instructions, time slot, job/task details, etc.) are transmitted to drivers. New jobs are signaled by alerts, and popup on the PDA for the Driver to accept/reject. Once accepted, the job is included in the run as the Driver creates a personal electronic runsheet based on ascending/descending order on the PDA. During the service delivery process the Driver can scan product/assets on/off the vehicle before senders/receivers sign for proof of service/delivery. Scanning (barcode/Rfid) ensures that each item is tracked. Exceptions are associated with a recorded reason code.


All data, including on-screen signatures along with supporting date/time and location co-ordinates are relayed back to base in real-time, where they are also available for customers to view from their web browser. Customer visibility extends to online identification - on a map - of the exact location of their freight at any time. As a further management tool, the Dispatcher has the ability to replay historical data to map out the vehicle journey. This streamlines billing and payment processes, reduces phone queries and provides excellent customer service.


Optional file & data interfaces can be provided to download data into any Administration (back office) system for billing/payments. Security is maintained through login mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access to your network.



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